Felony Sex Crimes

Fighting The Stigma And Penalties Of Sex Crime Charges

Sex crimes are vigorously prosecuted in North Carolina, and when an individual faces criminal charges, he or she needs the most aggressive representation. These cases are difficult to deal with not only because of the nature of the offenses but also because of the severity in punishment that these crimes carry.

At Herring Law Center, PLLC, we are very experienced at handling these tough cases. We represent people facing all types of sex crimes, ranging from child pornography to rape. Attorney Renorda Pryor has successfully represented men and women facing federal charges and has extensive experience in federal court. She is thorough, persistent and assertive in protecting her client’s rights.

Experience With A Variety Of Sex Crime Allegations

Mrs. Pryor defends those facing crimes involving:

  • Sibling sex abuse and incest
  • Child pornography
  • Manufacturing, distributing and sale of pornography
  • Rape
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Family sexual abuse issues

It takes the skill, knowledge and determination of an experienced lawyer to handle criminal cases with sensitive issues involved and ones that have potentially lifelong consequences for the accused. When our lawyer handles your case, we examine all the allegations and question all of the purported evidence. We explain the legal issues involved in your case and your defense options. As our client, you will have our attention and commitment throughout every step of your case.

We Are Ready To Work On Your Side

We offer free initial consultation and are available to schedule jail visits by request. Please contact us at 919-891-8770, today. Located in High Point, we handle cases throughout North Carolina.