Criminal Defense

Strong Criminal Defense When The Stakes Are High

Have you been accused of a crime? Are you facing federal criminal charges and need aggressive legal representation? Then you need someone experienced on your side who knows what it takes to successfully represent a client facing a serious criminal offense.

Herring Law Center, PLLC, is led by attorney Renorda Pryor. She is recognized throughout the Triangle area for her legal abilities in criminal law and has extensive experience in federal criminal law. She works with clients of all backgrounds facing all types of criminal charges. Her experience and knowledge of the law will be used to your advantage.

An Aggressive Defense No Matter The Charges

Defense lawyer Renorda Pryor represents clients in a wide range of federal and state criminal cases involving:

At our firm, you receive the personalized legal representation that your case deserves. We are a boutique law firm that hand-picks all the cases we handle. If we cannot dedicate enough time or resources to a case, we will not take it on.

Unlike large firms with many different attorneys, Mrs. Pryor will be the only lawyer looking over your case. She and her legal assistant will be working with you throughout all steps of the legal process.

Experienced Representation In Federal Criminal Court

We have specific experience in federal court and frequently represent clients facing federal drug charges, fraud, sex crimes and more. The federal court process is very different from criminal matters in state court and requires very specific skills from an attorney. Renorda Pryor has significant training handling federal court cases, from start to finish, and knows what strategies to pursue to reach the best possible outcome under the circumstances of the case.

Give Yourself The Best Chances Of Success

It is critical to work with an attorney whom you trust to stand up for you at every turn. When your future and freedoms are at stake, a skilled lawyer can work to build a comprehensive defense strategy.

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Contact us online or at 919-891-8770 to schedule an initial consultation. Mrs. Pryor is happy to do jail visits, phone consults or meetings in her office. Based in High Point, we serve clients throughout North Carolina.